Biometrics CertCamp

CBSP|CBSE Las Vegas | Online Conference
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The demand for skilled biometric security professionals is growing significantly world wide. We  recognized the importance of a vendor neutral biometric certification at the turn of the 21st century and have been providing certification and training programs in biometric technologies for 10 years. Our goal is to be a leader in professional training of  skill sets clearly identified as valuable by the information security industry. We have organized training seminars for several industry leaders and are recognized as one of the leading professional training organizations.

Our programs is designed for knowledgeable technology professionals in the field of biometric security and for those who wish to gain a solid understanding of biometric technologies and apply concepts and design principles to improve logical and physical access control in identity management systems. Ideal candidates for this program include security architects, security engineers, information assurance consultants, program managers and other individuals with experience and expertise in information security related domains.