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Professional & Career Development (CPCD) Scholarship Application


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CPCD (Certified Professional & Career Development) program is specially designed for career changers who are not able to find jobs in their respective fields and needs to get back to the job market quickly. Each program is taught by certified, expert instructors who are considered among the best in the business.

Professional certifications have consistently over the years provided individuals with an edge in the marketplace. Hundreds of journal articles and research has indicated that in addition to providing benchmarks of professional standards in the industry, certifications also provide tremendous value in terms of maximizing your income potential and marketability.

Today’s economy is providing both hardship and opportunity for all Americans. Hundreds of thousands of workers are competing for a very limited number of job openings. Now more than ever, it is important to stand out in the crowd to help individuals who do not have enough funds to complete their training programs. Clearly, the challenge here is to broaden your skill base by arming yourself with specific certification combinations that will allow you to capitalize on current market conditions. Market research has also shown that individuals with expertise in one specific area but having cross- platform training and certifications from multiple vendors stand to gain significantly in the long run. This is a fact that biocertification has recognized as being critical for those who are committed to achieving a long-term career path in a dynamic industry

If you qualify for WIA, VA, or any Govt. sponsored educational/training funds and the total amount approved for the training does not cover all your total training cost at Biocertification you may want to consider filling out this Scholarship application; you may be qualified to receive Biocertification scholarship for the remaining tuition balance and as well as for certification exam fees, etc.

Eligibility and Program Rules:

Applicants must be:

  •  A US citizen or permanent resident
  •  Currently unemployed
  •  Need to submit the scholarship application along with a letter from the  unemployment office or a copy of unemployment check via fax, in person or email.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Accepted applicants will be contacted by the Account Manager to finalize your registration

Scholarship Funds can be used for the following purposes on mutually agreed terms:

  •  Partial tuition Balance, course-ware, exam fees and travel cost
  •  If Biocertification wants you to attend special seminars or training sessions out of City then Biocertification Scholarship funds will be used toward travel and lodging.
  •  Biocertification is not responsible for any other miscellaneous expenses such as local travel etc. Scholarships are non-transferable and can only be used by the person who has been awarded the scholarship
  •  Payment must be received at time of registrations and no refunds will be issued
  •  Scholarship funds may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts/special offers or towards any other products such as computer hardware, Software and vendor certification exams.
  •  If student drops out of the program and does complete the training he/she must return 100% scholarship funds back  within 5 business days from the date of his/her withdraw from the program.
  •  If scholarship funds are approved for exam vouchers then they will be only released once the training fully completed and full Govt. voucher payment has been released for the remaining payment.

Click Here to fill out the online application form