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CBSP|CBSE Las Vegas | Online Conference
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Biocertification offers three different vendor neutral certification programs, CBT, CBSP, CBSE, CBSD designed for technology practitioners who are seeking to enhance their technical skills as well as their professional prospects. Each program consists of instructional material prepared by experts and practitioners which is followed by a certification exam. On passing the exam participants will receive the certification. We have the infrastructure to administer the instructional material through virtual live seminars or on-site and customer site instructor led seminars.

The content of the programs is focused on commercially available technologies utilized extensively in industry which ensures that participants acquire skills necessary to be successful. We also integrate hands-on activities based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products so that participants can combine theory and practical experience to strengthen their understanding of biometric technologies.

Earn (ISC)2 CPE’s by participating in any of the programs. You only have to provide us with your (ISC)2 certification number and we will take care of positing your CPE’s with (ISC)2.

Certification Summary

Certified Biometric Security Technician

Certified Biometric Security Professional

Certified Biometric Security Engineer

Certified Biometrics Security Developer

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