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Biocertification Resources and FAQ’s:

How can I prove that I am a CBSE before I receive my certificate?

Send an e-mail to and can e-mail the following details if you don’t have the CBSE ID number yet:

-Your Full Name

-Date of Exam Completion

-Training Methodology/Location:

-Your ExamIT UserName:


For Employers:

Any Employers who wants to verify the status of any candidates biometric certification from Bio certification can also e-mail the CBSE ID number to to get the verified information.


What do you mean by Biometrics Vendor Neutral Certification?

CBSP, CBST & CBSE exams are designed and developed by experienced & highly qualified Biometric Professionals and the programs are vendor-neutral. These programs do not include questions relating to any specific Biometric vendors or use of just one specific vendor-specific hardware or software. The certification exams are based on Vendor neutral Biometric technology and standards NOT on any specific functions of vendor products. Passing the Biometric certification exams such as CBSE enables you to learn and understand the Biometric technology as a whole.

The content of the programs is focused on commercially available technologies utilized extensively in industry which ensures that participants acquire skills necessary to be successful. We also integrate hands-on activities based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products so that participants can combine theory and practical experience to strengthen their understanding of biometric technologies.


Where can I find details about the Biometric topics and skills I will be tested on?


I want to get CBSE certification and want to prepare for the exam, Do I require to take any authorized training from or I can just taken the exam directly?

In order to avoid paper certified Professionals, Bio certification believes that candidates must attend some form of structured training before taking the certification exam.

All candidates must complete one of the following training program in order to register for the CBSE, CBSP or CBST examination:

-Class room Instructor-led Training

-Virtual Live Instructor-led Training

-On-Demand Authorized Training License Purchased under the candidate name. Candidate must be able to provide proof of purchase at the time of Exam Registration.


Where do I register for the certification exam once I complete my training?

All exams are hosted by and candidate must pay separately for these exams. Candidates who have not attended the training program by one of the above methodology will not be able to register for the certification exam.


How many different type of Biometric certifications are offered by Biocertification?

Biocertification offers three different vendor neutral certification programs, CBT, CBSP, CBSE, designed for technology practitioners who are seeking to enhance their technical skills as well as their professional prospects. Each program consists of instructional material prepared by experts and practitioners which is followed by a certification exam. On passing the exam participants will receive the certification. We have the infrastructure to administer the instructional material through virtual live seminars or on-site and customer site instructor led seminars.


Where can I get Authorized training and course-ware for these certification exams?How do I register for an authorized Biometric Certification Training Program?

For all Self Study/on-Demand, visit the website or one of Its Authorized Training

Partners or Resellers. Sign up for CBSE instructor-led training, visit or its Partner sites. In an official & Authorized training program, Instructor-led training, labs and course-ware is provided.

Examination Requirement

Once you purchase the exam voucher/attempt you can send an email to support@biocertification to schedule your certification exam. Your test will be scheduled based on open test dates and availability.

You will receive the test login instructions and details 12 hours prior to the test date.

You will be required to confirm your identification over the session prior to starting the test.

You will need a laptop with audio/video /secure connection to internet to attempt the test.

Test results will be provide to you with in 48 hours.

For additional details please contact your account representative.

Does biocertification provides on-site group training?

Yes. Biocertification and its global partners can provide authorized training anywhere in the world. Please contact us and provide us with all your details and one of our representatives/partner will contact you to provide a quote:


I am ISC(2) CISSP and CompTIA certified professional, are these programs approved for earning continuation credits for CISSP and/or CompTIA Security+?


Yes, Please check the following link to see how many CPEs you can earn by attending each certification program:


Where can I buy online practice exams for CBSE, CBST and CBSP?
All official Practice Tests are exclusively available at These products allow students and instructors to instantly evaluate their current level of Biometrics skills & expertise.

How long are practice tests valid?
Practice Tests are valid for up to six months and can be taken as many times as you would like.

How much do I need to pay for each exam?

The universal price of each exam is $395/candidate/attempt. Pricing is based in USD. Exam vouchers can be purchased in volume at a discounted rate. Please send an email to to register for the exam.

Where can I take the Exams?
Currently the Exams are ONLY available online through  The certification exam is proctored online and must be scheduled in advance.

What is the exam retake policy?
If the first time you take the exam you do not pass, you may retake it at any time. If you do not achieve a passing score the second time, you must wait at least 15 days to retake the exam a third time. A 15-day waiting period will be imposed for all subsequent exam retakes. If you have passed the CBSE exam, you don;t need to take CBSP or CBST exams as you can earn all three certs by just taking the highest level of Biometric certification CBSE.

Recently, there are several other new Biometric certification vendors are offering basic certifications such as IEEE, does CBSE program will also prepare me for other vendor certs?

Yes. CBSE is the most completed certification available in the industry today and prepares you for all possible biometric certs out there by new vendors.


Recently, I just took my first CBSE online test at and I have not received my results, how long doe sit take for me to get my exam status? What do I do next?

After you finish your test at, you will receive an email confirmation within 5 business days on your exam results Certificates are processed and mailed monthly and takes around 4 weeks to arrive.? Please allow longer for international (outside of USA) deliveries.

Biometric Certification Renewal Process (

Two ways to renew your Biometrics Certification:

Candidates who wishes to renew their Biometrics CBSP, CBST or CBSD certifications can choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Candidates can purchase and prepare their own for new certification exam and once they pass the exam certification will be renewed for two years. For details please send an email to

Option 2: Candidates can also avoid taking the exam again but attend one of the following training programs either Virtual Live or in the classroom format:

  • CBSP – 2 days
  • CBSE – 3 days
  • Specialized 1 Day Webinars ($995)
  • Cyber Security and Biometrics related certification program delivered by Biocertification and it’s authorized partner companies.

    For details please send an email to