Biometrics CertCamp

CBSP|CBSE Las Vegas | Online Conference
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CBSD designates knowledgeable technology professionals in the field of biometric security. This program is designed for those who wish to gain a solid understanding of biometric technologies and apply concepts and COTS tools to improve logical and physical access control in identity management systems. Ideal candidates for this program include security architects, Software & Application Developers, Security Engineers, information assurance consultants, Program & Project Managers and other individuals with experience and expertise in information security related domains. Prior application and software programming experience is required.

Topics Covered

Authentication Technologies

Biometric Functions

Biometric Errors

Fingerprint Recognition

Facial Recognition

Iris Recognition Systems

Voice Recognition

Vein Pattern Recognition

Hand Geometry Recognition

Dynamic Signature Verification

Keystroke Dynamics

Other Technologies

Multimodal Biometrics

Independent Evaluations

Biometric Standards

Biometric Technology Integration

Biometrics, Smartcards & PKI

Privacy Concerns

Government Implementations

Private Sector Implementations